Eureco, an important reality

The Eureco S.r.l. was established as a limited company in 2000.Established in Naples was then moved to Palermo in 2003, to take advantage of greater proximity to end markets of the company. Since November 2003, the company adheres to the proposal made by co-Ecolmar Castalia.Eureco is the only company in the field to have created, in collaboration with the Quality Project srl an integrated system:This system is certified by RINA according to the scheme BEST 4 (Business Excellence Sustainable Task), which brings together in one process certficativo an integrated management system that refers to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), OH SAS 18001 ( safety) and SA 8000 (ethics).

The benefits are easy to understand:

  • more competition in the market;
  • maximization of shareholder value;
  • cost reduction / environmental risks;
  • control problems of health and safety of workers;
  • Social Responsibility;

One can therefore conclude that Eureco meets all regulatory requirements relating to employment, quality environment, occupational safety and social responsibility.

The company Eureco Ltd., in consideration for the work, shall have the SOA "Certification of qualification for the execution of public works" for the category OG7 (maritime works and dredging) Class VIII (unlimited amounts) and OS15 (cleaning waters, lake and river) Cat.V issued by the SOA RINA.


Eureco has acquired over the years proven ability, technical and organizational, such as to get him significant contracts including the provision of public service and dinquinamento pollution in the bay of Port of Gela (CL) and the award of public service and dinquinamento pollution in the bay Port of Palermo (PA).Other major contracts are currently in the refinery of Gela ENI SpA

Other partners are:

  • Eni divisione R&M Dep. Palermo
  • Saipem s.p.a.;
  • Saipem SA;
  • Saipem Croazia;
  • Saipem Romania;

Eureco is also qualified in the following Ventur List:

  • Eni;
  • Agip;
  • Snamprogetti;
  • Saipem s.p.a.;
  • Saipem SA;
  • Saipem Croazia
  • Saipem Romania;



ENI divisione R&M Eni
Saipem S.p.a. Agip
Saipem SA Snamprogetti
Saipem Croazia Saipem S.p.a.
Saipem Romania Saipem SA
Saipem Croazia
Saipem Romania
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