Because the sea needs fact and not words:

Eureco S.r.l. has as equipment a number of technologically advanced vessels in the field of waters pollution prevention and cleaning up services, particularly from oil.

Vessels are indeed endowed with specific forms and equipment, all in class REC-OIL, able to intervene promptly in cases of marine pollution, and with the expertise that our maritime and technical staff has acquired in several years of activity in the field, even in adverse weather conditions.

Our fleet is then completed by support means of fast and tugs able to ensure the most varied services to sea both in the port area and in the harbour or in the rivers’estuary.


  • Marine pollution;
  • monitoring;
  • Sea clean-up;
  • Shipping;
  • Support bunkering;
  • Op maritime tugs;
  • Control bodies of water;
  • Marine structures and dredging.